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Episode 106 - Nona Jones

Episode 106 - Nona Jones

April 2, 2020

Nona Jones had what looked on the outside like success. She got a job at a Fortune 100 company at only 23, and her professional life only seemed to go up and to the right from there. Married to a pastor and with a deep faith of her own, it seemed that Nona had the “perfect” Christian life. But under the surface, trauma that had gone unaddressed built up until it could no longer be ignored, and Nona found herself in a crisis. Was all her success really enough? In her newest book Success from the Inside Out, Nona talks about how to deal with your past to have real success in the present. Nona sits down with Davey to share her story and how she’s learned to overcome her past traumas and help others do the same.

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Episode 105 - Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray

Episode 105 - Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray

March 26, 2020

Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray are, quite literally, lifelong best friends. Born only a couple days apart in the same small-town hospital, there hasn’t been a day when the two weren’t close. But when a teenaged Justin was diagnosed with a degenerative neuromuscular disease, both of their lives and their friendship were changed forever. Through unimaginable trial, these two friends have dedicated their lives to bringing the hope of Jesus to whoever they encounter. Justin and Patrick sit down with Davey to share their story and the things they’ve learned about friendship and hope in the midst of trials.

Episode 104 - Ciara Weese

Episode 104 - Ciara Weese

March 19, 2020

Ciara Weese


From the outside, you could look at Ciara Weese’s life and see something close to a modern-day fairy tale. Married to her kindergarten best friend with a baby on the way and jobs as youth pastors at a church, Ciara’s life today bears little resemblance to the darkness in her past. Under the weight of trauma kept secret, unhealed wounds, and unspoken temptation, Ciara found herself cheating on her husband with other women. She walked away from her husband and from God, but that’s not where her story ends. God met Ciara in a New York apartment, hundreds of miles from the love of her life, dating another woman and contemplating suicide. Ciara sits down with Davey to share her powerful story in the conclusion to our Toxic Relationship Series.

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Episode 103 - Gary Thomas

Episode 103 - Gary Thomas

March 12, 2020


When Gary Thomas wrote Sacred Marriage, he probably didn’t know the amount of impact he would have. Now, with nearly a million copies sold, his words have been responsible for helping heal and sustain countless marriages. Which is, in part, why it’s so interesting that his newest book is called When To Walk Away. In the years since his earlier book, Gary has learned that in any relationship, whether friendship, marriage, family, or anything else, staying in a relationship with a person is not always for the best. Gary sits down with Davey to continue our series on toxic relationships by discussing what he’s learned about dealing with toxic people, and when the best thing we can do for ourselves and them is to walk away.

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Bonus Episode - Rebecca Bender Discusses Fighting Human Trafficking

Bonus Episode - Rebecca Bender Discusses Fighting Human Trafficking

March 9, 2020

Rebecca Bender’s story of becoming a victim of human trafficking is, sadly, not a unique one. By many estimates, there are more slaves in the world today than in any other time in history. In this bonus episode, Rebecca shares about some resources on how we can combat human trafficking in our own communities.

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Episode 102 - Rebecca Bender

Episode 102 - Rebecca Bender

March 5, 2020


It’s easy to think of human trafficking as something that happens “somewhere else.” We’d all agree that it’s a horrendous evil, but our subconscious minds dull its edges by framing it as happening in countries thousands of miles away or in the distant past. But for millions of people in the world today, human trafficking is a monster that must be confronted each and every day. For years, Rebecca Bender was one of those people. Caught in a relationship that wasn’t what it seemed, Rebecca was forced through deceit, threats, and abuse to do things she never would have chosen. To continue our Toxic Relationships Series, Rebecca sits down with Davey to share her story of how she escaped from the hell of human trafficking and how she’s found redemption and purpose on the other side.

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Episode 101 - Debra Fileta

Episode 101 - Debra Fileta

February 27, 2020


Relationships that are worth having are never easy. While this is true for any relationship from friends to family members, it may never be more true than in romance. Anyone, whether single, dating, engaged or married, will tell you that a good relationship with a significant other takes work. Debra Fileta knows this all too well as a licensed counselor specializing in relationships. She often sees people when their relationships are falling apart, and over her years of working with these individuals and couples she’s picked up a ton of wisdom about how to navigate these choppy waters. Debra joins Davey to kick off our Toxic Relationships Series and share some of her knowledge about how we can avoid toxic relationships and keep ours healthy and whole.


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Episode 100 - Kristi Blackburn

Episode 100 - Kristi Blackburn

February 20, 2020

After a lifetime of trauma and hardship, healing and wholeness can seem unattainable. Every new trial feels like a step in the wrong direction, and eventually we look up and the life we want to live seems impossibly far away. This is where Kristi Blackburn’s story begins. She’s walked through more trials than anyone should have to face: an abusive father left her fearing for her life and the lives of her family. A physical assault in a foreign country left her injured and anxious. A failed marriage left her a single mother with seemingly no hope of a “normal” home life. No one would want to walk through any one of these, but Kristi has faced all of them and more. For this special 100th episode of the Nothing Is Wasted Podcast, Kristi sits down with Davey to share her incredible story of how God has walked with her through countless hardships and brought healing in ways she never would have expected.

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Episode 99 - Mark Vroegop

Episode 99 - Mark Vroegop

February 13, 2020

Just about every pastor has preached at least a few sermons on how to go through trials. They can have all the right scriptures, all the best theology, all the best words to encourage and inspire the people they’ve been entrusted with. But what happens when a trial hits the pastor’s life? That’s what Mark Vroegop found himself asking when he and his wife lost their unborn daughter just weeks before she would have been born. As further medical complications made the aftermath of this tragedy even more difficult to navigate, Mark and his wife found themselves in a place where everything they believed was tested. And in that season they learned a deeper way to relate to God. They learned to lament. Mark sits down with Davey to talk about what he’s learned about walking through suffering and how we can develop a deeper relationship with God by trusting him with our pain.

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Episode 98 - Rebekah Lyons

Episode 98 - Rebekah Lyons

February 6, 2020

It seemed like everything was right in Rebekah Lyons’ world. Her young family had recently moved to New York, and she started to pursue her passions — it seemed like Rebekah was living a great life. But anxiety was lurking just below the surface, waiting to change all that. After her first panic attack left her lying on the floor of an airplane, Rebekah found herself living at the whims of anxiety and depression. But she found freedom from it, and now she wants to help others do the same. As a national speaker and bestselling author, Rebekah has made it her mission to help people find the same freedom and purpose that she has. Rebekah sits down with Davey to talk about her story, her newest book Rhythms of Renewal, and how we can structure our lives to find freedom from anxiety.

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