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BONUS - Pain to Purpose 42-Day Devotional Clip4

July 19, 2021

When we're going through a painful season, one thing that can help immensely is spending a little time every day with God's word and with the wisdom of someone who's been there before. That's why we created the Pain to Purpose 42-Day Devotional. Davey has written the daily devotional entries that he wished he had when he faced the tragic loss of his wife Amanda. We hope that this can be a resource to bring you healing in your own pain, and one that you can pass along to friends when you know they need it.


In the weeks leading up to the devotional's launch, we'll be posting one selection from the audiobook of this devotional every Monday. To find out more, visit If you pre-order the devotional at that site before its release on July 22nd, you'll not only get the book on your doorstep on its release day, but you'll also get several pre-order exclusive bonuses, including this entire audiobook for free. So if you like what you hear, visit today to pre-order and hear the rest on July 22nd.

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