The Nothing Is Wasted Podcast

Episode 107 - Aundi Kolber

April 9, 2020

Trauma has a weird way of sneaking up on us. So many of us have experienced traumas big and small that we don’t even know the effects of to this day. These things that happen in the past live with us in the present and shape our lives without our noticing. This is at the root of the work that Aundi Kolber does. As a professional counselor and author, Aundi tries to help people understand the trauma they’ve experienced and how to heal from emotional wounds both seen and unseen. In this current season as we’re all dealing with the effects of COVID-19 and the traumas both big and small that come with it, this message hits especially close to home. Aundi sits down with Davey to share some of her own story of dealing with trauma and the tools she’s learned to help others deal with theirs.

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