The Nothing Is Wasted Podcast

Episode 186 - Angie Smith

September 16, 2021

As someone with a very large, very prominent ministry, Angie Smith is the kind of person you would expect to “have it all together.” Through speaking, books, Bible studies, and more, Angie has helped thousands of people in their walks with Christ. But her platform didn’t come easy. Angie walked through some incredible seasons of pain, including the loss fo a newborn child, that redefined her relationship with God. When pain inevitably gave way to seasons of doubt, Angie found herself seeing God in a new way, and in doing so learned more about each of our relationships with God and the seasons of pain and doubt that we all walk through. Angie sits down with Davey to share some of her story and how she’s using the lessons she’s learned in dark seasons to help countless other people.

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